At the gateway to the new enlarged Europe, Eastaroma produces essential oils and concretes in the area that used to supply 80% of so-called “Russian” production in the former Soviet Union.

Located a few kilometres from the port city of Odessa in Ukraine, the Eastaroma plant extends over an area of 10 hectares and accommodates a continuous distillation column which is ideal for the processing of coriander or fennel seeds to make essential oils.
An extraction plant is used for the production of clary sage concrete and sclareol.

Eastaroma also processes other products that are typical of these regions, like lavender, dill, sage, hyssop, mint, artemesia, caraway, pine, etc., some of which are certified organic by ECOCERT for Europe and by USDA NOP for the USA.

Finally, there are many various development prospects in a region in which soil quality and climate particularly favour the cultivation of aromatic, fragrant and medicinal plants.

Area under cultivation: 4,000 hectares
Storage capacity: 3,000 tons

- Essential oils & concretes
Director: Igor GOSHVA
67 840 Odessa region, Ovidiopole district,
village of Molodejnoye, 20 Zavodskaya street