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Elixens Group’s American subsidiary, Elixens America Inc. is the local distributor for all our customers in North America, the USA and Canada. Located in Rahway, New Jersey, in the heart of the American Flavours and Fragrances industry, the company specialises in the distribution of the following products:

  • 100% pure and natural essential oils,
  • rectified, deterpenated, concentrated, colourless essential oils; terpenes ,
  • balsam, tar,
  • concretes and absolutes,
  • vegetable oils,
  • defined aromatic products .

It also offers Bio-certified essential oils, dried herbs and spices.

With its small, flexible, motivated and highly responsive team (goods are delivered within 48 hours), this company has several major assets:
• a 5,000 square foot (i.e. 450m2) facility to store over 450 catalogue products
• a computerised inventory (bar code available for all products)
• re-packaging and filtration capacity• bio-certification from QAI
• kosher certificate supplied upon request

For more details, clic here and see their specific website

ELIXENS America Inc
- Aromatic raw materials
Director: Adam M. ROMAN
1443 Pinewood Street
Rahway, NJ 07065 - USA
Tel: +1 732 388 3555
Fax: +1 732 388 3565
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