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Elixens Group’s English subsidiary, Elixens UK Ltd is the distribution centre for England, Ireland and Scandinavia. Established in London in 1959 under the name Adrian Essential Oils Ltd, the company specialises in the marketing of 100% pure and natural essential oils,


  • concretes,
  • absolutes
  • defined aromatic products.

It has an experienced, professional team which provides fast, efficient service and has considerable technical resources:
• 20,000 sq ft total surface -office space with a company laboratory for analyses and technical support (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, chiral column)
• including 12,000 sq ft of warehouse space to store and prepare products
• Sampling on a large stock of aromatic raw materials
• Safety data sheets, technical specifications and any other analytical data will be supplied upon request.

- Aromatic raw materials
Director: Barbara KEEN
No 1 Essence House, Crabtree Road,
Thorpe Industrial Estate, Egham,
Tel: +44 1784 48 56 00
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