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This plant is native to North Africa. Like most of the Lamiaceae (thyme, lavender, mint..), the Greeks associated it with the goddess Aphrodite and attributed to it tonic aphrodisiac virtues... In the Middle Ages, its digestive properties were praised in the kitchen.

This plant has a very fine herbaceous, slightly peppery smell and can be used in herbal teas. It is also sometimes added to "Herbes de Provence" mixtures.

Cultivated under organic and fair trade methods by our partner farmers, this herb is now available for herbalists or dried herbs processing. It will soon be certified Authentic Provence.

Elixens presents its new range of hydrolats from Sri Lanka while attending the Vivaness trade fair, the major organic event in Europe. 5 new organic hydrosols to complement our catalog, carefully selected from a Fair Trade certified producer. Hydrosol is a co-product, like essential oil, from the steam distillation process of the plant. Our new products bring exotic and original subtle notes to a formulation.

History of the hydrosols

A significant work by our team to source controlled materials coming directly from a producer and respecting our values. Our partner producer is committed to a fair process certified. Its products are certified organic. Elixens France confirmed the quality of these products by visiting the crops, meeting farmers and checking the manufacturing process: expertise carried out by Laetitia LAVERAN, technical manager and André HYVRIER, agronomy manager.
The traditional plants are cultivated organically in the Colombo region in the southwest of Sri Lanka. They are distilled close to the fields. Elixens France guarantees you high standard, filtered and analyzed hydrosols.

The range


INCI Botanical Name: Cymbogon flexuosus herb extract
Olfactory notes: lemon, tonic
Cosmetic and food use


INCI Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum seed extract
Olfactory notes: fresh, slightly lemony
Cosmetic and food use

Clove buds

INCI Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllus bud extract
Olfactory notes: spicy, sweet
Cosmetic and food use


INCI Botanical Name: Santalum album wood extract
Olfactory notes: sweet, powdery, dry oak
Cosmetic use


INCI Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale water
Olfactory notes: tonic, spicy, fresh ginger
Cosmetic and food use

We also offer organic lemongrass, patchouli, and ginger organic essential oil from our Sri Lankan source. Our range will develop over time.

Find Elixens on stand 3C-O56 at the Vivaness-Biofach trade show from 12 to 15 February 2020 in Nuremberg in Germany.

On September 13th, Elixens France has proudly hosted an inter-governmental delegation led by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The company was held up as an example of Biovallée territory dynamism, which won the national call for projects TIGA (Territory of innovation and great ambition).

Elixens France presented its privileged fair-trade partnership in organic farming with SICA BIOPLANTES cooperative, as well as its transformation activities of essential oils, hydrolats, and dry plants.

The head of the government particularly enjoyed our organic peppermint. He also found out the examples of our famous clients' finished products.

French Prime Minister came with Didier Guillaume, French Minister for agriculture and food and three other French Ministers, as well as many local elected representatives.

From left to right: Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, CEO, Eric CHAUVIN, co-manager SICA BIO-PLANTES, Carole ABDELLI, chairwomen

IMG 9889.1

The aromatic plants conference at the international trade fair Tech & Bio attracted a lot of visitors on September 19th, 2019.

"Our aromatic plants are adapted to not or poorly irrigated culture. They are an answer to the water-saving problems and open up possibilities for farmers in dry areas "stressed out André Hyvrier, agricultural engineer of Elixens. "Every year, we notice changes due to global warming: harvest dates are a week ahead and some cold-sensitive species can spend the winter without problems" he explained.

Nos produits de la Drôme à l'honneur

Lancement d'une nouvelle tisane, de la référence Thym doux de la Drôme par la maison PAGÉS - Maison d’infusions et de thé depuis 1859, située au Puy-en-Velay, au cœur de l’Auvergne. Leur produits sont disponibles en Grandes Surfaces.

Le directeur et l’équipe de l'entreprise PAGÉS étendent leur remerciements aux équipes de la SICA BIOPLANTES et d'ELIXENS. PAGÉS est très content de l’accueil par les distributeurs de ce nouveau produit. Le gout subtil et puissant de notre thym linalol a été très apprécié.

L'entreprise mise sur la traçabilité, le local et l’équitable, comme on pourra le remarquer sur le blog en lien. Cliquez ici -> PAGÉS

Since early 2014, the L'OREAL Group initiated a business project supported by Jean Paul Agon, (Group CEO) to develop responsible purchasing practices. The L'OREAL Group intends to take its responsibilities throughout the value chain, from sourcing ingredients to finished products, continuously improving and associating its suppliers in this process of social progress. This project is called "Solidarity Sourcing". The objective is set at 100% of ingredients sourced responsibly by 2020. (Click here for details)

L'OREAL has just credited ELIXENS France as its "Solidarity Sourcing" supplier for its range of raw material products of SICA BIO PLANTES zoloft without prescription .
A historical equivalence agreement for Organic products

US and EU have reached an historical agreement to permit to EU operators certified to the EU organic standard (REC 834/2007 and implementation rules) to label and sell as organic their products in US and to US operations certified to the National organic standard to label and sell their products as organic in European member states without mandatory certification according to the standard of the destination country.

This arrangement’s application started on June 1st 2012.

On EU side, it is ruled by REU 126/2012 amending annex III of RCE 1235/2008 which include USA in the list of third countries whose system of production and control measures for organic production of agricultural products are recognized as equivalent to EU organic standard. It also includes a list of certification bodies recognized to carry out controls in USA including Ecocert SA.On US side, it has been posted on USDA website with interesting FAQs and additional information.


This equivalence pertains to all our organic products grown in the EU and those whose final stage of distillation has taken place in our accredited production sites. This also applies to processed products containing certified organic ingredients under European Regulation but from other countries.
Logo USDA organic


According to the two official certification bodies, the EU organic seal and the USDA seal can be used for products sold on the market under the terms of this arrangement. If a label contains the organic seal of the country where it will be sold, the rules for use of the seal must be respected site .