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Below you will find key information on the current and upcoming French campaign. This report is designed to help our Customers efficiently prepare in advance their purchasing requirements for organic and conventional essential oils, organic hydrosols and organic dried herbs.

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Editorial / Health crisis management

For most of us, this year has been like no other as we’ve all been dealing with the health and economic crisis as best we can. Due to this, the current year’s campaign will be even more special and offer a nice alternative for our minds to shift the focus elsewhere. 
Being outside, the farmer’s work in the fields was almost not impacted by the quarantine like the harvests which are mostly done mechanically. When needed, like for the manual weeding the social distancing guide has been applied. 
Elixens has been implementing a prevention and business continuity plan to prevent the risk of contamination: with social distancing guidelines on production sites as well as by setting up telework arrangements for all our administrative staff. These arrangements have enabled us to keep our usual high-quality of service for our customers. 
We wish you, your families, and colleagues prosperous health and that your activities continue in the best possible conditions during these trying times. 

The Elixens group

Lavender-lavendin market

/ Great weather conditions

In France, the nice weather, both thermally and hydrically, made planting easier and supported improved plant development. Crops are two weeks early on average. Following a spring drought, the rains this May were beneficial for the plantations.

/ Fading tensions/ Fading tensions

The contrast with the winters market we have experienced in recent years is striking. Tensions have subsided and activity has remained very weak.

/ A declining Bulgarian market 

Large quantities of Bulgarian lavender have not been found to drive prices down. One must be careful with the sub-par qualities being offered on the market.

/ Lavandin, a sluggish market

The attractiveness of the lavandin market in recent years has encouraged producers to plant actively at the start of the year. The rough areas which represent the major part of lavandin plantations are growing by 5%. L’Abrial continues its decline, -6% on the surface. Some areas are hard hit by dieback, including recent varieties from breeding.However, the lavandin market has become sluggish, causing concern from some producers. All indications are that the high point of the cycle was reached last fall. Prices are currently dropping significantly and producers are actively offering their goods.


/ Exclusive partnership with farmers in Provence

We produce and market natural extracts from organic and conventional plants. We have among our partnerships, a close collaboration with an exclusive group of organic farmers in Provence, Sica Bio-Plantes, under fairtrade conditions. Our 36 species of organic plants can be available in essential oil, hydrosol/ floral water and dried herb.

/ Authentic Provence & Elixens

Starting this summer, a wide range of Elixens’ products will be labeled Authentic Provence. This fall, we will be offering the first organic and conventional lavandins labeled Authentic Provence.With our raw materials labeled Authentic Provence, you can guarantee the geographical location of your ingredients in Provence, an undeniable promotional asset. This label aims to enhance the quality and Provençal way of life of products designed, cultivated, processed and packaged in Provence.

Our availabilities

/ Roman chamomile
This particularly advanced production is going well this year. The harvest is expected by the end of July.

/ Nepeta cateria
This variety is currently in bloom, significant quantities will be available both in essence and in hydrosol.

/ Italian everlasting flower
A plant in the process of distillation. Quantities are expected to increase.

/ Lavender and lavandin
We offer numerous varieties of lavender, such as: super, abrial, fine, and officinalis. The lavender harvest is planned for the next few days and the lavandin before mid-July. Large quantities of lavender flowers for herbalism will also be available.

/ Malva and cornflower
Plants for the production of floral water that will soon be harvested and dried. The distillation of these dried herbs will take place all throughout the year.

/ Pepper mint
The harvest will take place in mid-July through the end of September.

/ Lemon balm/ Lemon balm
A stable production for our lemon balm during distillation.

/ Rosemary
Our Provence rosemary will be available in large quantities, after its distillation in August.

/ Sage
We have 2 varieties of sage: clary sage which we distill into essential oil and officinal sage for the use of the leaves. Available in large quantities, officinal sage had its first harvest in the spring, a second harvest is possible in the fall depending on needs.

/ Thyme
We have beautiful and varied cultures of chemotyped thyme linalol, thymol and thuyanol which have been distilled. The thyme harvest for the leaf was done in excellent conditions.

/ Verbena
This plant is reserved for herbalism and is harvested from May to October, significant quantities are expected.

For any further information on the 36 species of plants, our products or for a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us:

Elixens France +33 (0)1 34 48 57 57This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Elixens America +1 732 388 3555This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Elixens UK Ltd. +44 1784 48 56 00This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After joining the Authentic Provence association in 2019, Elixens has now obtained compliance with the Authentic Provence standard for a range of dry plants from partnership with farmers in Provence
With our raw materials certified Authentic Provence, you can guarantee the Provençal origin of your ingredients, an undeniable promotional asset.
This certification aims to enhance the quality and Provençal way of life of products grown, designed, transformed and packaged in Provence.

Initially launched for cosmetics, the certification is currently developing in the food industry.

Jean-Pascal ABDELLI, managing director continue to develop and promote direct sourcing and traceability by joining recently the association board.

More information https://www.authentic-provence.fr/en/

Alpha-bisabolol is a natural compound. This asset presents a delicate floral note. It is widely used in cosmetics, especially for its ability to increase the effectiveness of other active ingredients or for its soothing properties. The natural version of the product has many advantages over the synthetic version: non-allergen *, more effective 20 to 30%, and therefore more economical. A natural organic alternative in line with consumer expectations.

Our NEW product, organic alpha-bisabolol, is extracted from the candeia oil and strictly conform with Brazilian forest protection regulation. The quality is certified COSMOS-Standart (100% PPAI organic).

We are able to also provide conventional quality.

*does not process any of the 26 substances considered as allergens by the University of Campinas, Brazil

Bringing together the industrial and technical development resources, Elixens France is getting closer to the fields, at the heart of our organic and fair-trade partnership in Provence-Dauphiné.

Drôme’s team joined a new industrial building of 7 170 sq yd located on 7,4 ac of land.

A total investment of nearly €3M million enabled the acquisition of the building and its development. The modernization and development of industrial tools are carried out by local companies until the end of 2019.

Our teams are ensuring, as always, high-quality customer service during the whole process. They are also looking forward to offering you new products, especially on the natural, organic and fair-trade sides.  

The mallow Malva sylvestris L. is a perennial plant, native to Europe. We currently grow mallow in the South of France (Drôme). Maryline’s field is less than 40 km (25 miles) from our production site and our distillery.

We produce 5% certified organic floral water (22,5% PPAI organic). This pretty purple flower with soothing, emollient properties and a faint floral note will be perfect for your softness formulas. The plant can also be dried for herbal teas and used for respiratory properties.

The harvest is from June to September. We highly recommend that you make your reservations before January for large volumes of floral waters or dried plants. We can then organize the plantations and supply you with the product in 2020.


The Elixens group is pleased to provide our analysis of the recent french lavender and lavandin harvest in july: a fast-growing sector. To anticipate the market price in September 2019, we point out some key factors influencing the market.

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Organic aromatic raw materials :

2019 Catalog edition

elixens vignette 2014 v2 2Elixens France presents its Organic Catalog. More than 75 different aromatic raw materials, mostly coming from our own agricultural sites across the globe - from the Comoro Islands to the cradle of organic farming in France, the Drome Valley. 
This catalog includes direct origin and certificate credits for :

- essential oils,
- actives,
- hydrolates & floral waters,
- pressed oils,
- dried plants

For more information and if you wish to receive a full presentation, please contact our sales team member.