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Aromatic compounds suitable for all applications

Aromatic compounds suitable for all applications 

Our teams of technicians listen carefully to our customers and offer them aromatic solutions suited to their activity. Working alongside customers, they design products targeted to specific applications. They are creative, responsive and skilled, anticipating customers’ needs and providing them with a competitive advantage in their markets. We are committed to meeting deadlines and offering the best value for money.

We use our know-how to manage colour standards and offer clear or colourless essential oils. Our analytical and colorimetric research has allowed us to develop a range of specialities like rectified Gurjum, rectified Peru, concentrated Citrus, rectified Birch, etc.

Moreover, we offer nature’s vibrant tastes and smells through concentrated essential oils, washed citrus fruits, deterpenated, rectified or customised essential oils and balsam, rubber and tar essential oils.

We have a wide range of water-soluble essences that are easy to use and essences that can be diluted in any proportions.

We provide terpenic fractions, natural isolates and essential oil by-products.

Our production facilities in Ukraine is specialised in the creation of concretes and absolutes.

Finally, we develop a wide range of synthetic raw materials, Cis-3-hexenol by-products and various Aroma Chemicals.

Our legislation department processes product questionnaires and supplies certificates required for each delivery, such as: analysis reports, safety data sheets, physico-chemical technical specifications, purity certificate, naturalness certificate, IFRA certificate, certificate of conformity to the Cosmetics Directive 1223/CE, cosmetic allergens certificate in conformity with Annexe III of the Cosmetics Directive 1223/CE.

For aromatic solutions intended for use in the Food industry, our raw materials all have food compatibility certification and a FEMA number.

In application of Article R1342-3 of the French Code of Public Health: Hazardous substances. Comply with special handling precautions