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Certificates of good practice

Because quality is not just an empty concept, we implement a policy involving the certification of our products and manufacturing methods. These certificates, issued by independent and respected organisations, are safety assurances for consumers or end-users. We keep a constant watch on the legislation that effects the fragrances and flavours industry.

Our organic products have been certified by Ecocert, an international certification body recognised by public authorities. This certificate guarantees that environmentally friendly methods have really been implemented throughout the whole chain of production and vouches for consumer safety and the use of environmentally superior natural substances. Our products have equivalence USDA NOP certification for the USA.

In accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we scrupulously observe essential good manufacturing practices with regards people, hygienic conditions on the premises, manufacturing operations, labelling, packaging and quality control of aromatic raw materials.

In accordance with European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009CE, we guarantee the quality of our products, the absence of extracts and ingredients derived from bovine, ovine and caprine tissues and liquids and the absence of animal experimentation.

Within the framework of Reach, European Regulation 1907/2006, we have registered all chemical substances that we import or produce when quantities exceed one ton per year within the European Community.

Our raw material used in flavor compositions comply with food safety standards (regular analysis to measure absence of pesticides, heavy metals, in accordance with a controle strategy) and all have a FEMA number.