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Home care and Air care activities

You are:

• a creator or formulator of all types of homecare detergents, cleaners and aircare products
• a marketing manager with a specific universe to create via an olfactory concept
• an R&D researcher
• aromatic raw material Purchasing Manager

We are able to offer aromatic solutions that meet your specific requirements. The quality of our raw materials is based on our control of the original sources of production and our active marketing watch on market trends.

Home care detergent activity

The detergent market is facing many problems: budgetary constraints and hygienist and technical requirements, plus the primary concern of respect for the environment. The fragrance for a home care detergent, indispensable component in the product's success, must answer all these problems.

Air care activity

This booming sector is strongly reactive to the sophistication of the offer: the opening of specialized boutiques, fashion and decoration designers, who are increasingly signing their own olfactory universe, innovation in equipment for the diffusion of home fragrances. The quality and originality of the proposed olfactory notes are absolutely essential.