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Our specific offer

For health related industries 

Aromatic and medicinal plants in all their forms (whole, in different presentations: cut for herbal teas, coarsely cut, in powdered form, etc.)

We are producers

Elixens France belongs to a group of aromatic and medicinal plant producers whose whole production is grown according to organic farming methods. The group is comprised of 50 producers in Provence and Dauphiné who grow or cut 35 species (whole plants, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits or roots)

New plants can be developed by our agronomic department which sets up diversification testing and cultivates new varieties.

We transform raw materials

The plants grown are harvested, cleaned, dried and sorted.
These raw materials are stored, prepared according to orders and then packed in bulk in big-bags, polypropylene bags or brown paper bags.
The quantities can vary from tons to kilograms.
These materials can be cut or crushed into sizes of between 300 µm and several cm depending on the end use.

For well-being related activities

For aromatherapy, 100% pure and natural essential oils are organically produced on our own land, thus ensuring traceability (ECOCERT council regulation 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 and USDA NOP equivalent).
Elixens France holds a strategic position in the distillation of essential oils through its distillery located in southern Vercors dedicated to the production of essential oils and organic hydrolats, through Elixens’ production subsidiarie in Eastern Europe and through partnerships with local producers throughout the world. Elixens France can thus offer a wide range of 100% pure and natural, organic and traditionally-farmed essential oils: Products from Provence, Citrus fruits and their derivatives, Products from the Indian Ocean, Eastern Europe, Specialities (allergen-light essences, water soluble essences, concretes, absolutes).

Elixens France
 also offers essential oil complexes, organic and conventional vegetable oils/hydrolats/floral water and organic herb product specialities.